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Flat roofs can cause leakage and make life uncomfortable. However, the problems associated with leaking flat roofs are usually a result of either poor workmanship while installing the roof membrane, or poor maintenance by the property owner. Fortunately, WM Services Inc. (WM Roofing) offers high-quality maintenance, repair, and replacement services, especially for flat roofs, so that you don’t face such unpleasant conditions.

While flat roofs are not the most interesting option, they have advantages. Know these benefits to evaluate if it’s the best option for your house.

Benefits of Flat Roofing:

    • Flat Roofs are cheaper than you think

    Flat roofs can be a lot more reasonable and convenient than the conventional pitched roof system. The best part is that the materials used for the roof build cost less, thereby saving you money that you can utilize for other housework or repairs. Re-coating flat roofs are also affordable because of the rubber or polymer materials used in the process.

    • Eco friendly

    Flat roof demonstrates higher energy efficiency because of its insulation, which is different from an ordinary household roof. So if you’re looking for an eco-friendly, energy-efficient roof, flat roofs are a great choice.

    • Ease of cleaning and additions

    With flat roofs, you can get customize its appearance with a host of various additions and modifications to suit your style. Some homes with flat roofs are designed with “living roofs” (like outdoor dining or play area) or finished with rooftop gardens that are not only eco-friendly but also add a glamorous touch to your roof.

    • Flat roofs are durable

    Another benefit of flat roofs is their durability. With proper maintenance and design, flat roofs can last in good condition for around thirty years. Compared to other roof methods, a well-made low slope roof can last for a long time.

    • When to repair or replace?

    In most cases, replacing the roof can be an expensive affair. So, most property owners try to increase the life of a damaged flat roof by continually repairing the surface. However, this option can ultimately cost more in the long run due to increased staff attention and damage caused to interiors and structural systems.

    According to the NRCA/ARM, a manual roof replacement is advised when the roof has exceeded its service life and shows evidence of advanced deterioration like wet insulation, or various leaks of a serious nature seen in the roof membrane. Replacement, instead of restoring the old roof with a new membrane, is also essential when the existing roof membrane proves to be an improper substrate for a new roof covering.

    • How We Can Help!

    WM Services Inc. (WM Roofing) is pleased to offer comprehensive, flat roof repair services to solve issues related to your commercial facility. Our team will thoroughly inspect each level of your flat roof, including the waterproofing, insulation, vapor barrier, and timber deck. We can fix any problem areas, cover your roof with a seamless coating, and prevent future leaks from forming.

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